Sales Machine: Close More Deals, Make More Dough

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Ever fear sending your client a quote because you think they will say no? Not sure how to really convey what sets your company apart from others? Need help closing more deals with corporations and locally owned businesses so that they say yes to your brand? You are not alone. Like many bakers and treat makers you love what you do, you just hate the feeling of being a "salesperson" and asking for money. If the thought of negotiating deals and overcoming sales objectives is your weakness than this class is for you.

In this class you will learn how to close deals and gain sales with confidence. We will go over multiple steps from beginning to end on how to properly present yourself to not only customers but locally owned businesses and corporations as well.We will review the selling process and how to better understand and master it.You will learn multiple sales strategies and tactics to apply to your business to position yourselves to build long term relations,establish great rapport and dominate your sales.

I have partnered with brands such as Lexus, At&T and City Year. I understand the power of being prepared as well as taken seriously when representing your vision to not only corporate conglomerates but picky clients as well.Join me as we master the art of sales and prepare your business for success.

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INSTRUCTOR: Chef Amanda Schonberg
DATE: SATURDAY, Nov 9, 2019
TIME: 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

About Chef Schonberg

Home Based Business Essentials Although raised on the west coast of the globe Amanda Schonberg is no stranger to the South. Born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana Chef Amanda Schonberg has a great love for regional desserts. She has managed and worked for Fortune 500 companies such as Sam’s Wholesale, Chartwells’s Dining, and Great American Cookie Company. After managing a few companies within the retail food service industry, she soon decided to embark on her own culinary path.

In 2015 she started Chef Schonberg’s Sweets; a dessert’s catering company specializing in “Old Fashioned dessert’s with a New Flair.” Her unique approach to taking standard desserts and adding a unique twist to them quickly became popular. She has catered to celebrity artists such as Mindless Behavior, Gina Neely, Juvenille, LSU athlete’s and a host of others. She has been featured in local publications such as DIG Magazine and Moving Forward. She assists others who need help starting their business locally by offering private classes to guide them as well as to others online through social media.