Printed Cakes: Saving time with Edible Images

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Do you wish you could create artistic cakes, but painting just isn't your thing? Don't you wish there was an easier way to decorate cakes that doesn't require a ton of artistic skill? Well...YouTube Influencer Roshell Ingraham is hosting a demo where you will discover how to add any printed design to your cakes to help you match any theme requested by your clients & customers.

In this one hour demo, you will discover the proper technique for attaching edible images to your cakes, and not in that old school grocery store way. Learn how to make modern looking cakes using edible images that you can print from home using Icing Images' Edible Paper Products. This technique is great for cake designers who want to save time while creating elegant and gorgeous cakes for their customers. 

Thanks to the wonderful sweet peeps at Icing Images, you can attend this class for FREE. Simply add this demo to your cart during check out to reserve your seat. Seating is LIMITED. Make sure to reserve your seat today!

INSTRUCTOR: Roshell Ingraham
DATE: SATURDAY, Sept 25, 2021
TIME: 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

Meet Roshell Ingraham

Learn how to decorate a cake using an edible image with Roshell Ingraham at The Ultimate Sugar Show.LeeNetta "Roshell" Ingraham, Baker, Pastry Artist and Confectioner, serves as founder Head Instructor and CEO of Divine Baking Divas and Your Sweet Connection. Originally beginning her career in the state of Michigan in 2014, Roshell ultimately followed her passion for food and took her personal and professional dreams another direction. Roshell believes in spreading sweet love collectively and respectfully in the sweet community. As a self-taught Sugar Artist, she believes in sharing and teaching the basic methods and techniques that are essential to creating extraordinary, creative cakes and treats. Roshell has a passion for Blessing others and making candy apples.

As founder and CEO of Divine Baking Divas, Roshell teaches and shares her gifts, talents, methods and techniques with her private group of 2,600 members. Roshell strives to empower and enrich the lives of her members and those she comes into contact. Her hope is that they will ultimately better themselves in the sweet community.