Priced for Profits: Calculating Recipe Cost & Setting Menu Prices with Confidence

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Pricing!!! It's the biggest issue amongst the sweet community. The question "How much do I charge?" is a daily post on social media in baking & sweet making Facebook groups and forums. Pricing your sweets shouldn't be a guessing game, and your menu should definitely not be based solely on someone else's pricing. In fact, there are several methods for calculating a price for your cakes, sweets and sugar art.

In this class, you will learn a method of calculating cost that is rarely discussed outside of a formal culinary institution. As mentioned, there are numerous ways to calculate a price, but very few of those methods break down cost in a way that is as accurate as the method which will be taught in this 2 hour pricing class. In addition, this method will also help scratch bakers with producing more consistent products every time.

This class does touch on mathematical concepts, but if you're not a numbers person don't let that intimidate you. This class is designed to prepare even the most numbers challenged sweet maker feel confident in their ability to cost out their recipe. You will also receive formulas and tips to help support you after leaving class. Some points of discussion include: calculating cost, what to include in your pricing, building confidence in price of your product, and tips for setting your labor cost.

If you know that you haven't been charging a fair price for your work or you feel like you're losing money in your business because of your pricing, don't miss the Priced for Profits seminar on Saturday.

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DATE: SATURDAY, Nov 10, 2018
TIMES: Session 1 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM or Session 2 // 5:30PM - 7:30PM

About Simon

Learn how to cost out your recipes using Simon Shaw's Kitchen Math at The Ultimate Sugar Show.Simon Shaw, originally from London, is a guest experience creator based in Austin, Texas. In his spare time he likes to bake, collect old cookbooks, dine out and try not to gain weight in the process.

He is currently back at school finishing his baking and pastry degree with plans to focus on the math side of baking by undertaking bakery menu engineering & analysis and costing recipes.

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