Pinterest & Profitability

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How much time are you spending quoting cake prices to customers? Tools like Pinterest and the Internet are great for idea generation, but are they actually killing your bottom line?

Join the Retail Bakers of America as they offer tips on how to get emails, wedding consultations, and walk-in inquiries under control and back on track - making your bakery profitable while also delivering excellent customer service. 

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INSTRUCTOR: Retail Bakers of America
DATE: SATURDAY, Nov 10, 2018
TIME: 3:30 PM - 4:30 PM 

About the Retail Bakers of America

Learn more about the business side of baking from the Retail Bakers of America at The Ultimate Sugar Show.With a passion for baking since 1918, the Retail Bakers of America is a proud business partner to the industry. The “Business of the Retail Baker” is a series of education sessions that will cover everything from opening a bakery to making a profit, and everything in between. Learn from the top professionals in the baking world, and get real-time advice and ideas that will change the way you run your baking business.

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