Realistic Peach Cobbler Slice

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Nothing screams the South like a good old fashioned slice of peach cobbler with a scoop of ice cream on top! Well...what if you could make a realistic looking slice of peach cobbler, BUT out of cake??

Join Celebrity Cake Artist Timbo Sullivan in this amazing hands on decorating class where you will learn how to use his super easy sculpting and detailing techniques, to create realistic and hyper-realistic food cakes.

PLEASE NOTE: Students in this class will be using rice cereal treats in place of cake, so that students can keep and travel with their pieces. How to make this design using real cake will be taught in the class.

INSTRUCTOR: Timbo Sullivan
DATE: SUNDAY, Sept 26, 2021
TIME: 12:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Meet Timbo Sullivan

Learn how to use your aribrush at The Ultimate Sugar Show with Timbo SullivanTim "Timbo" Sullivan is the owner of Cakes By Timbo in Columbus, Ohio. Not only is Timbo an accomplished award winning Cake Artist who has competed in numerous cake competitions around the country, he is also appeared on several popular shows such as Food Network's Duff Till Dawn, Food Network's Outrageous Wedding Cakes 2, and GSN SkinWars: Fresh Paint, and Baketopia.