Finding Your Personal Sweet Style in a Saturated & Competitive Industry

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In this lecture demo Reva will discuss ways to hone in on your personal sense of style and sweet design aesthetic that sets you apart from other artists. Learn how to expand on what is already innately inside of your creative brain and how to use it to your strengths and expand your current business or get the ball rolling on your new endeavor. This course is for all levels of creatives from beginner to seasoned professional. Wether you are just starting out and are trying to find your footing on how to stand out in a saturated market or you are someone that has been in the industry for years but are feelings a bit stagnant and wanting to move forward with your designs this course will help you uncover your personal best. And once you find that voice Reva will also discuss how your found personal sense of style can then be translated into attracting the perfect clients for you via social media marketing.

INSTRUCTOR: Reva Alexander-Hawk
DATE: SATURDAY, Nov 9, 2019
TIME: 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

About Reva

Learn about competing on television at The Ultimate Sugar Show with Reva Alexander-HawkReva Alexander-Hawk is a life long baker, starting out like most of us as the “go to” source for sweets within her family. As a graduate of the distinguished California Culinary Academy in San Francisco, she has studied both as a student and an instructor. In 2002 Reva, after years of lending her talents to others, officially launched her own cake and pastry business, Merci Beaucoup. Calling on her Connections in the Los Angeles area, she developed a glowing reputation as a high end cake decorator, supplying cakes across California and beyond. Her efforts landed her on three seasons of the television show "Amazing Wedding Cakes”, an experience that has opened up many wonderful opportunities for her to share her skills with the cake community and become a trusted name in the sugars arts.

Reva’s fun, whimsical style is the result of her personality, a true cake decorator who’s goal is always to make people smile, a feat she has accomplished from L.A. to New York to Atlanta and all across the United States and now abroad. Besides her time on AWC, Reva’s work has been featured in Brides Magazine, Wedding Bells, People Magazine and many local publications and her work has been seen on E Entertainment, Food Network UK, and Style Network and recently featured on Duff Goldman’s new series "Duff till Dawn” and a recent winner on “Cake Wars” on the Food Network. Entering a new faze of Merci Beaucoup, Reva has taken on new challenges; moving her operations to Metro-Atlanta, writing books, and expanding her teaching efforts.

To sum it up in her own words, Reva is a “cake nerd.” #mercicakes #cakenerd all social media platforms @mercicakes.