Airbrushing Techniques for Bakers & Sweet Makers

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A simple airbrush system is one of the greatest addition to any cake decorators collection of tools, and it has become a must for the modern cake artist. Just a simple setup can be of great help and over the years airbrush systems have become small, better in quality and very affordable. They are also easy to operate and simple to maintain.

Chef Jörg Amsler will demonstrate different methods, techniques and basic knowledge on how to take your coloring skills to a new level.

Learn how to trick the eye into seeing three dimensions on flat surfaces, with simple shading and highlighting effects. Turn regular fondant into life- like looking materials such as leather, rocks, vegetation and different metals. Learn about the mixing of colors, what colors work best and the use of sheen colors, silver and gold.

Airbrushing will enhance the finishing look of your cakes, allow you to charge more for them and will also save you time. It is a win win situation. Attend this information packed demonstration and you will be hooked. Seeing how easy and effective airbrushing can be, will make you want to run to the store and purchase your own!

DATE: SATURDAY, Nov 9, 2019
TIME: 8:00 AM - 9:00 AM

About Jörg

Learn airbrushing techniques and pro-tips at The Ultimate Sugar Show with Jorg AmslerJörg Amsler is a swiss trained Master Pastry Chef and Chocolatier with a proven track record of 30 years experience in the food industry. He has extensive cooking, catering and management skills with a proficiency in servicing a broad market range: wholesale; catering; bakeries; pastry shops; restaurants; hotels; resorts; banquets; cruise ships; airlines; private chef; teaching; competitions; television; consulting; demonstrations; kitchen design and build out.