Designing A Professional Dessert Table On A Budget (Black Panther Theme)

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Are you tired of only being able to make a cake for events and parties? Would you love to expand your skillset, knowledge, and list of what you have to offer? Do your clients want a billion dollar dessert table with a dime budget? If you answered yes to any of those questions, then this class is for YOU!

In this class you will learn how to create professional, detail oriented, and captivating dessert tables....and the best part about it, is that you’ll learn how to do this all while working within your clients’ budget. Realistically, dessert tables for the everyday customer (unfortunately) aren’t the million dollar ones we all adore on social media. Therefore, you’ll learn to cater to this audience while creating a fantastic dessert table. Then, once you are able to create professional “budget friendly” dessert tables, you’ll start reaching a higher clientele, hence growing your business and better yet, your income.

If you’re looking to grow as an artist, as well as grow your business, then you won’t want to miss out on this class!

Among the countless things you’ll learn, just a few are:

  • How to choose your treats when designing a dessert table
  • How to choose an appealing color scheme to create eye-pops
  • How to use properly use molds to make the most of your time
  • How make your own molds
  • How to work with edible images
  • How to make a variety of today’s most popular treats 
  • How to apply one style of custom treats to multiple themes
  • How to setup you dessert table
  • How to make a backdrop for your table
  • How to make balloon columns and arches
  • How to incorporate special effects in/on your dessert table and treats
  • How to professionally photograph, and edit your dessert tables 
  • How to effectively market your dessert table 
  • How to price your desserts and labor to make a profit, and not just a tip
  • Much, much, more

The sweets that you will make in this class are, but not limited to:

  • Gourmet pretzel rods
  • Custom Oreos
  • Dress candy apples
    • All students should have a basic understanding of how to properly clean and dip apples before attending this class. If you're new to candy apple making, please consider registering for the Classic Designs with Candy Apples class which will be held on Saturday morning.

      These sweets and overall dessert table example for this class will follow a Marvel's BLACK PANTHER theme. Each student will take one of each home. You will also receive instruction on how to apply each style of the sweets learned (i.e. the dress candy apple, for example) to almost ANY theme for future dessert tables.

      Along with their sweets, students will receive a packet to take home FULL of information, resources, notes, and bonus pictorials! There will also be a HUGE giveaway, along with surprises for each student! All materials for this class will be included. All that is required are artists ready to learn and grow!

      Attending the Sweet Makers Industry Conference? Sign-in to register for this class and receive the Professional Experience, Conference discount. This class is $105 for non-conference attendees, and $120 for those attending under the Professional ExperienceLEARN MORE

      INSTRUCTOR: Ernest Strickland
      DATE: SATURDAY, Nov 10, 2018
      TIME: 4:30 PM - 7:30 PM

      About Ernest

      Learn how to design professional looking dessert tables that meet your client's standards and budget at The Ultimate Sugar Show with Ernest StricklandErnest B. Strickland is an up-and-coming cake and sweets artist from North Carolina. Completely self-taught, Ernest started from knowing absolutely nothing about the industry, as he stumbled upon his love for the artistry by total accident. After discovering that he'd stumbled across something he was good at, he began making cakes and sweets from home.

      Half a year later, in November 2016, he and his partner, Justin Herring, joined forces, left their corporate jobs behind, and opened Sugar Art Custom Cakes and Sweets, located in Lumberton, North Carolina. Since then, they have won awards such as 2017 Best of Robeson - Best Bakery, by Robeson Living Magazine, after only being open for four months when voting took place! Their storefront has blossomed into an absolute success. So much that they quickly outgrew their space and after only a few months, and they're in the midst of planning a move to an even bigger location!

      In less than two years, Ernest has absorbed every piece of knowledge, every word of advice, and taken every opportunity possible to help him become an impeccable and well-rounded sweets artist. He feels that he has been extremely blessed and fortunate to have the opportunities that he's been given over these last few years. From national projects, to creating a cake for clientele such as celebrity R&B artist K. Michelle, these past two years have been incredible for him personally and professionally.

      Ernest also teaches cake sessions at colleges in his hometown, holds children’s cake classes at Sugar Art Custom Cakes and Sweet, and offers a wide variety of online sweets tutorials.

      It's Ernest's hope that each student will walk away with so many lessons learned and with more knowledge and skills to help them build a business that prospers beyond belief.