Airbrush Basics for Beginners

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Do you own an airbrush but feel way too intimidated to take it out of the box? Are you nervous about using the wrong type of edible paints in your machine? Are you scared that you might break it and don't know how to keep it in good working to condition? Check out this demo with Cake Artist Timbo Sullivan that will ease your airbrush anxiety!

In this session, you will learn the basic do's and don'ts of working with your airbrush machine. If you don't own an airbrush, make sure to sit in on this demo before you invest in a machine.

Learn how to clean the gun and keep it in good working condition. Learn what types of colors can be safely used in your gun so that you don't damage your machine, and get an overall better understanding of how to use your machine to make your decorating life easier. 

If you're terrified of using your airbrush, but you're ready to get past your fear...sign up for this demo today!

INSTRUCTOR: Timbo Sullivan
DATE: SATURDAY, Sept 25, 2021
TIME: 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM

Meet Timbo Sullivan

Learn how to use your aribrush at The Ultimate Sugar Show with Timbo SullivanTim "Timbo" Sullivan is the owner of Cakes By Timbo in Columbus, Ohio. Not only is Timbo an accomplished award winning Cake Artist who has competed in numerous cake competitions around the country, he is also appeared on several popular shows such as Food Network's Duff Till Dawn, Food Network's Outrageous Wedding Cakes 2, and GSN SkinWars: Fresh Paint, and Baketopia.