Extra Sugar | Recreate Wedding Dress Designs on Cakes

Ever met a bride who wanted to match her wedding cake with the details on her dream dress? Were you stumped on how to mimic the gown details onto a cake? This is the perfect class for you!

Join Kathleen Lange in this class designed to help you transfer elements from your brides wedding gown on to an edible medium such as the wedding cake. In this class students will learn a technique using piping gel and luster dust which Kathleen started using in the 90’s to resemble the stitching and design work of a wedding gown. This technique impresses, even the most distinguished cake design artist.

Learn how to transfer Victorian scrolls or other design work, by making your own embossing pattern/presses; embellishing techniques to make your wedding cakes resemble Bridal Gown design work; by using piping gel, edible dusting powders, applying highlights and dimension to your wedding cake designs.

This technique may be used on cakes frosted with buttercream, whip cream or fondant cakes. After the design is completed you may refrigerate, and your piping gel will not run. This technique works great, if you do not want to use hard type candy pearls, silver or gold dragees; this technique will achieve the same look without the worry of someone biting down on a hard candy.

Basic cake decorating and piping skills required. All advanced and professional levels.

    INSTRUCTOR: Kathleen Lange 
    DATE: SATURDAY, Nov 9, 2019
    TIME: 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
    REGISTRATION FEE:: $100 + Eventbrite Fees

    Learn how to recreate wedding dress designs on to cakes at The Ultimate Sugar Show in Atlanta, GA on Nov 9, 2019 from 6 - 8 PM.

    VIP Plus and Professional Experience pass holders who would like to participate in the more advanced Extra Sugar Classes hosted by the industry's top cake and sugar artists have the option to transfer up to 25% of their Core Class credits to credits for use with their Extra Sugar Class registration feeCLICK HERE to transfer your Core Class credits to Extra Sugar Class credits. 

    About Kathleen

    Learn how to recreate wedding gown embellishments on cake at The Ultimate Sugar Show with Kathleen Lange.Kathleen started her teaching career at the age of 16, for Wilton Industries; youngest instructor to have taught for Wilton; total 21 years. Kathleen received numerous awards from Wilton; Hall of Fame and Imperial Club Awards; as a top instructor, teaching at the highest volume stores; teaching over 10,000 students as last recorded by Wilton, the year 2000. During her lifetime, she has visited 50 US states and 14 countries, teaching in over 50 cities since 2010.

    She continued teaching for San Diego Grossmont Adult Schools for 10 years; assorted culinary classes, working with a variety of mediums and techniques. She worked in area high end bakeries; consulting and training area bakery owners and employees; owned and operated her own high end wedding cake bakery & supply store in the 90’s.

    Most recently, October 2017; Kathleen Coached Michelle Sohan and competed as Team Trinidad & Tobago in the Milan, Italy Cake Designers’ World Championship FIPGC 2017, winning “The Best Cake Taste in the World 2017” and placed 7th; competing against 19 other countries. - May 2016; Kathleen has been named one of the Top Ten Int’l Cake Artist by New York Cake & Baking at The New York City Cake Show and is recognized internationally for her Lange/Lambeth English Overpiping Boot Camps.

    She has taught since the beginning of her career and is now highly regarded innovator and is internationally known for royal icing, foreign techniques and the revival of the Lambeth Method of English Overpiping; adding her own modernized flair.

    Kathleen is an active member, teacher and demonstrator for ICES (International Cake Exploration Societe), 3 C's (California Cake Club), San Diego Cake Club, RBA (Retail Bakers Association), IBE (Int’l Bakery Expo, Hong Kong, IBIE (Int’l Baking Industry Expo, Las Vegas, NV), other Industry Shows and Culinary & Pastry Schools. She has been featured on the cover of the Food Section of San Diego Union-Tribune; San Diego News and Radio stations; Milan, Italy Radio and she has contributed tutorials to several Int’l cake decorating newsletters and magazines and now releasing her own instructional DVD's.

    Kathleen continues to share her love for confectionery arts; traveling as a guest instructor, demonstrator and judge for confectionary clubs, shows and culinary art schools throughout the country and internationally. She has been feature in numerous industry publications, newspapers, radio and local television shows. All classes are designed for the hobbyist, as well as the professional. Kathleen's enthusiasm for confectionary arts is contagious!