About Kristina Rado

Learn how to decorate sugar cookies with royal icing at The Ultimate Sugar Show with Kristina Rado.Kristina Rado is a multi-skilled Cake Designer, with particular expertise in the art of sugar flowers, Royal Icing and edible painting.

Of Hungarian origin, Kristina lives and works in Rome and for the past 5 years has travelled regularly to the UK to learn. Most notably, she has attended many advanced master classes with Eddie Spence MBE to learn and perfect her work in the art of Royal Icing, but has learnt also from other uniquely talented master sugarcrafters including Christine Flinn, Vivian Lee and Robert Haynes.

Kristina's professional focus is now mainly as a consultant and teacher for both professional and amateur sugarcrafters. She teaches from her studio in Rome and travels internationally to teach at many prestigious sugarcraft schools. This year she will travel to Hungary, England, Switzerland, Germany, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Peru, USA and Hong Kong, among other destinations to hold her specialist classes.

Kristina is the winner of several high profile sugarcraft competition awards; including two gold medals for her wedding cake category entries at Cake International (2013/2014), and she was voted the winner of the Royal Icing Award at the 2014 Cake Masters Magazine Awards. She also acts as a judge at a variety of national and international cake competitions and her work has been widely featured in many sugarcraft publications in print and online; including British Sugarcraft Guild magazine, Cake Masters Magazine, Aroma, American Cake Decorating Magazine and various tutorials for Sugar EdProductions. Kristina is a Member of Equipe Excellencies FIPGC, member of board of directors, in charge for the organization of the World Championship of Cake Designers of FIPGC in Italy and an International member of the British Sugarcraft Guild.