About Karen Moline

Learn How to fix last minute cake mistakes and mishaps at The Ultimate Sugar Show with Karen MolineGrowing up in a family of German bakers, Karen knew that her roots were in the culinary arts, but her passion was another sort of art. Karen loved to draw as a child and dreamed of one day becoming an art teacher. About 30 years ago, she found a way to bring together her talent for visual art and her family’s heritage when she picked up a pastry bag for the first time. Little did Karen know, that first discovery of her natural talents would lead to a career as an award winning cake decorator.

Karen has created cakes in a number of settings — first, working from home to create cakes for family and friends. Her first gig as a decorator outside of the home was in a cookie bouquet shop in Texas. From there on, Karen worked at a variety of small bakeries, grocery stores, and large bakeries in Texas, Minnesota, and Wisconsin before settling down in Whitewater and becoming an owner of The SweetSpot.

Karen’s talents spurred the opening of The SweetSpot Bakehouse and her cakes are in high-demand by clients from South-Eastern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois. Karen has received numerous awards for her decorating skills and has been featured in American Cake Decorating Magazine for her cake designs.

When she’s not creating the perfect cake, Karen enjoys spending time with her family and traveling as well as searching for new ideas and inspirations for future desserts and cakes.