About Janelle Copeland

Learn about branding and the baking business at The Ultimate Sugar Show with Janelle Copeland.Janelle Copeland is a wife, a mother to 3 daughters, entrepreneur, a fitness and health enthusiast, (but also a FAT GIRL FOODIE at heart), an artist, an educator, a lover of all things pretty and so much more!

You may have heard of her award winning Los Angeles bakery because she's been on (and has won) all of the Food Network shows... Cupcake Wars, Cake Wars and a few others. She started her business when she was broke and jobless, but The Cake Mamas has grown into a 7 figure empire over the past 8 years!

She helps business owners create amazing brands and profitable businesses they love, without working their faces off! Her superpower is helping others see their full potential by giving them the strategies and confidence they need to bring their dreams to life.