Extra Sugar | Creating, Decorating with Custom Stencils

In this half day class, we will use Silhouette Studio software to design cookie stencils. You’ll learn how to use the most important tools in the software to design a background stencil, a stencil with words, and a PYO stencil.

We’ll design silk screen stencils and stencils with bridges. Bring your laptop and we’ll have fun designing!

Note: A laptop computer with Silhouette Studio software installed is required. You do not need to bring your cutting machine. Cutting machines will be available for instructor demo purposes.

You WILL finish this class with the skills and confidence to cut stencils of your own! It will definitely change the way you “cookie” and help grow your cookie biz! All students will receive a coupon for 50% off your purchase of digital designs at the www.thecolorfulcookie.com and your swag bag will be full of awesome goodies!

*This class is for beginners as well as students with some experience*

This class is for you if...
You use a Cricut cutting machine and Cricut Design Space software.
REQUIRED SOFTWARE* Cricut Design Space installed on your laptop computer.

You will receive an email 2 weeks prior to class with important class details. Please email nancy@thecolorfulcookie.com with any questions that you may have.

In Part 2, you will learn how to create a set of cookies using custom designed stencils created in Part 1. Learn the time saving benefits of decorating cookies with stencils and gain an understanding of how to achieve clean and elegant designs using stencils that you can create from home using an electronic cutting machine.

INSTRUCTOR: Nancy Westfall & Cindi Raven
DATE: SUNDAY, Nov 10, 2019
TIME: 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM AND 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM
REGISTRATION FEE: $450 + Eventbrite Fees

Promotional image for cookie decorating class at the Ultimate Sugar Show, baking and sweets tradeshow in Atlanta, GA.

VIP Plus and Professional Experience pass holders who would like to participate in the more advanced Extra Sugar Classes hosted by the industry's top cake and sugar artists have the option to transfer up to 25% of their Core Class credits to credits for use with their Extra Sugar Class registration feeCLICK HERE to transfer your Core Class credits to Extra Sugar Class credits. 

About Nancy

Learn how to design stencils for decorating cookies at The Ultimate Sugar Show with Nancy Westfall.Nancy Westfall, creator and owner of The Colorful Cookie, The Colorful Cookie Club, and The Colorful Cookie Studio is a cookie decorator turned stencil designer. Nancy began decorating cookies after many years of teaching elementary school. After a period of time spent mastering decorating cookies, she was inspired to use her creativity and knowledge of technology to learn how to design and customize cookie stencils. She experienced a boom in her cookie business because of the customization of cookies using specific stencil designs with various themes and company logos. Customizaton is key!

Nancy’s own passion for creating what she “wanted” lead her to design stencils. She is a teacher at heart, so as she began to grow her knowledge of how to design stencils using various graphic design software, she taught others who wanted to learn as well. Nancy created and established a cookie stencil design tutorial blog, then an online shop for digital cookie stencil downloads and ultimately, “The Colorful Cookie Club”, which is an online membership community of cookiers who are learning to design stencils through Nancy’s step by step video tutorials. She has created over 300 individual video tutorials on how to use Silhouette Studio and Cricut Design Space to design and cut custom cookie stencils. She also communicates with her members in the members only Facebook group providing additional support and LIVE interactive tutorials.

Founder and Owner The Colorful Cookie
Creator and Instructor The Colorful Cookie Club
Creator and designer The Colorful Cookie Studio
CookieCon Add-On Instructor-- Stencil Designing in Silhouette Studio and Cricut Design Space
Guest Instructor Expert Lab on McGoo U with Arty McGoo
Guest Blogger for Silhouette School Blog
Radio Show Guest “LIVE from Jasper’s Kitchen” with Jasper Mirabile
Craftcast Instructor “Holiday Cookies Using Your Silhouette Cameo”

About Cindi

Learn how to decorate cookies with custom cut stencil sets at The Ultimate Sugar Show with Cindi Raven.Cynthia Raven (aka Cindi) is a lifelong baker and studied art before changing her degree program to Human Resource Management. She has been in Human Resources for over 20 years, and also holds a Master's Degree in Adult and Continuing Education.

She has merged her love of training and development with her love for decorating cookies, and continues to create, experiment and learn, as well as share all of that with anyone who is interested in cookies!