About Bob Johnson

Learn how to create beautiful Korean Buttercream Flowers at The Ultimate Sugar Show with Bob Johnson.Bob Johnson is the owner, head baker, and designer of Couture Cakes in Huntsville, AL. He opened his design business eight years ago after owning a retail business that specialized in deceptive home accessories.

Bob is a multiple award winner at the Oklahoma Sugar Arts Show. He also won Wedding Cake of the Year 2011 from CakeCentral.com and First Place at Weddings in the Sky judged by Sylvia Weinstock. Bob most recently won best in Show at the Societé Culinarie Philantropique Salon in New York City.

His work has been published in American Cake Decorating, Wedding Cakes A Design Source UK, French and Italian issues, Cake Craft and Decoration UK, Wedding Cakes and Chocolates UK, and CakeCentral.com.