Stain Glass Effect on Christmas Ornament

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Be among the first to learn about the new innovative stain glass technique with Flexique® and Flexique Instant Lace in this 3 hour hands-on class taught by Flexique’s inventor and creative designer, Marilyn Bawol. Seen first in Cake Central – now here for you. In this class there will be a special focus on creating edible tree ornaments using a flexible stained glass effect and a new edible “paper mache” technique.

In this class, you will witness how easy it is to pipe edible, flexible, sustainable words which can be easily placed on your cake. You will use this trick for making flexible flower petals and leaves with veiners in minutes, and discover an unusual technique for creating edible transparent, light weight 3-D ornaments in half and whole sphere versions (think “snow globe”).

You'll also learn about using Flexique Glue and wafer paper in an innovative edible “paper mache” technique. Then, we'll pull it all together to quickly produce a textured 3-D bow.

You'll be able to take home your creations and step-by-step instructions for your future reference. In addition, you'll learn to create a black and white outline of your picture to use as a guide when piping your designs.

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INSTRUCTOR: Marilyn Bawol
DATE: SATURDAY, Nov 10, 2018
TIME: 4:30 PM - 7:30 PM


About Marilyn

Learn to create a stain glass effect on an edible Christmas Ornament at The Ultimate Sugar Show with Marilyn BawolA natural-born artist, Marilyn thrives on combining her sculpture and painting skills with her baking talents to create an art form that others can enjoy as much as she can. She brings the latest cake artistry skills to Unique Cakes, and continues to study innovative cake design techniques under nationally-renowned cake masters. As the Owner and Creative Director of Unique Cakes, she focuses on the unusual in wedding cakes, three dimensional sculpted cakes and blown and pulled sugar amenities.

Marilyn has been featured in national cake decorating publications and has had the honor of applying her talents in sugar art and three-dimensional sculpted cakes for high profile cake commissions, where guests of honor have included circuit court judges and Gov. Sarah Palin. 

Marilyn is also the inventor and creative designer behind Flexique®. Flexique® is a unique combination of edible ingredients, delicately balanced together to maximize pliability and durability. It can be used on its own to create a variety of cake decorations, or it can be applied to edible images to keep them from smudging or tearing. The uses for Flexique® are only limited by your imagination.