2018 Signature Plated Chocolate Dessert Competition

Pastry Live Signature Plated Chocolate Dessert Competition at the Ultimate Sugar ShowThe Ultimate Sugar Show has teamed up with Pastry Live to present a Signature Plated Chocolate Dessert Competition like Atlanta has never seen before!

Professionally trained chefs, culinary students and chocolatiers are all invited to compete for a chance at a $500 and the title of Best Chocolate Dessert in Atlanta!

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2018 Competition Rules

  • Competitors will need to produce 6 plates of one dessert for the judges. A minimum of four components must be used for each plated dessert.
  • One component of the dessert MUST be warm or hot and must be and cooked or baked at the competition. This hot or warm component cannot just be a sauce and should have at least 2 components. Example: Tart dough and apples.
  • Other than the hot or warm component all components can be brought in pre made.
  • Any type of cake or meringue may be brought in fully baked.
  • Each chef must bring in their own ingredients. No ingredients will be provided at the competition site or by the competition organizers.
  • All ingredients can be scaled out and brought in ready to use. Backups of measured Ingredients can also be brought in.
  • A churned product, i.e. sorbet or ice cream can be brought in ready to use. No Ice cream machine will be provided Shared freezer space will be available but it is recommended you bring your frozen products in a way that they will be ready to use at he competition. Cooler of dry ice etc. No freezer shall be provided.
  • Plates for the desserts must be brought in by each individual competitor. The organizers of Pastry Live are not responsible for lost or missing plates, Nor can they provide plates.
  • There are no restrictions on the amount of items plated or portion sizes, but remember to use your best judgment. Portion size scoring will be up to the discretion of each individual judge, so balance should be considered.
  • Competitors will have 60 minutes to complete their desserts and have them plated for the judges. There is no additional plating time. Anyone late with their plate up. Will present to the judges after the other competitors have presented and suffer a point deduction.
  • Competitors will have 10 minutes to fully clean and clear out of their kitchens.
  • A list of materials or equipment (refrigeration, freezers mixers etc.) will be provided for competitors.
  • Small wares and tools must be brought in by the competitors and it is recommended that if for example you need to use a whisk 3 times that you bring 3 whisks.
  • Any chocolate tempering must be done on site.
  • Sugar or isomalt can be brought in cooked and sanitized but must be pulled at the competition.
  • A volunteer assistant will be provided for each competitor but they are only to be used to gather ingredients clean and run items to the sink. Remember no running water is provided in the kitchens.
  • Please ensure that all proper sanitation rules and guidelines are followed throughout the competition and that the items brought in are transported in a temperature safe way.

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