Nicole Silva

Learn how to expand your sweets business by using customization with Nicole SilvaNicole Silva is the award-winning baker and owner of Crumbles Bakery, a small boutique bakery in South Atlanta, GA. The former elementary school teacher and mother of three began her baking journey by making treats for her own children and the children in her classes. While making these treats she noticed she had a knack for the art of cookie decorating which led her to open Crumbles by Nicole, a home-based bakery in 2014.

After appearing on ABC’s Great American Baking Show in 2015 she transitioned from the creative teacher and home-based baker, to brick and mortar bakery owner. Crumbles Bakery opened its doors on November 12, 2016 and continues to thrive. Just one year after its opening, on November 13, 2017 Nicole competed and won Food Network’s Christmas Cookie Challenge.

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