Jeromie T. Jones (aka Sippi Kake King)

Learn various buttercream and fondant techniques from social media influencer & cake content creator Jeromie T. Jones aka Sippi Kake King at The Ultimate Sugar Show in Atlanta, GA.Jeromie T. Jones, also known across the world as “Sippi Kake King”, originally from Winona, MS, is a graduate of Mississippi University of Women where he received his Bachelor of Arts in English Education. He is currently the Food Service Manager for residential dining at Jackson State University; where he oversees the frontline day-to-day operations.

Kake King is an award winning cake artist and instructor that has competed on Food Networks, Cake Wars, and also has been featured on CNN. He hopes to one day open a school dedicated to learning about creating cakes and other various sweets.

Join Kake King in his Buttercream Ruffles & Fondant Fundamentals class...