Jay Qualls

Learn how to create beautiful calligraphy designs using royal icing at The Ultimate Sugar Show with Jay Qualls.Jay Qualls of The Frosted Affair provides consulting services to Sweet Makers through his company Willow Tree Consulting. Jay explains that having an art for your craft simply is not enough to be successful in this industry. Sweet Entrepreneurs must “know your business" inside and out! In addition to being a shop owner, Jay has appeared on reality TV shows on ABC, Food Network and TLC. Jay is also a teacher, mentor, and published author.

After graduating in 2003 from Middle Tennessee State University with his B.S. in Organizational Communication, Jay decided to put it to good use and open a high end wedding cake boutique. Jay quickly turned Maples Wedding cakes into a leader in custom designed wedding cakes. He continues to be one of the leaders in the cake industry with his unique sense of style of cake design, teaching, product development, speaking, business development and consulting. Jay has studied and worked along side some of the greatest sugar artists in the industry. He believes cakes should be beautiful and delicious.

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