So, You Purchased the Cake Boss Cloud Software…..Now what?

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So, you got all excited about getting organized in your sweet business and decided to buy CakeBoss Cloud the accounting software for bakers. Then, you signed on the first time and thought, what?!?!? If this sounds familiar, then we've got the perfect class for you.

Join CakeBoss Cloud Expert, Mimi Hood as she provides detailed instructions on using the CakeBoss Software. In this class you will learn how to determine and create your Bakery settings, add recipes, materials and ingredients. You will also learn how to add customers, venues, enter expenses and run reports for tax purposes. Purchasing the software is only the first step. Knowing how to use the software is what will make the difference between a thriving business and an uniformed business. Without a doubt, this software will play a key role in the success of your growing sweets business!

This class is sponsored by CakeBoss Cloud, and all class attendees will receive a free year of hosting ($20 value).

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DATE: FRIDAY, Nov 9, 2018
TIME: 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM

About Mimi

Learn how to decorate professional looking modern, trendy black wedding cake at The Ultimate Sugar Show with Mimi HoodMimi is the Owner and Creative Director of Mimi’s Mocha Treats which is a licensed, inspected and insured home based cake studio. Located in Woodbridge, VA we happily serve the Greater Washington DC area. Mimi happened to “stumble upon” the cake industry nine years ago and hasn’t looked back since then. In this short time, she has even managed to become a seven times award winning cake artist. With a background in Architecture and a love for baking, Mimi uses her skills / knowledge to ensure that each cake design is uniquely structured and aesthetically appealing, no matter the occasion. She is also a strong believer that each cake design MUST taste as good as it looks, so all cakes are baked from scratch using high quality ingredients including real butter, quality cocoa and couverture chocolate.

As an Army brat born to an American father and Ethiopian mother, this cake artist has moved with her parents all over the world including Seychelles, Ethiopia, the Philippines and Thailand. However, the one constant in her life has been the warmth and love of the family kitchen. Her dad is a natural chef who can whip up anything from thin air. And, her mom pours her heart and soul into her traditional Ethiopian meals. Memories of cooking and baking fill Mimi’s fondest memories as she was born with a spoon and a mixing bowl in her hands! Her passion for cakes is what drives and motivates her each and every day.

Mimi’s Mocha Treats has been featured in Bird's Party Magazine, Edible Artist Network Magazine, Cake Master's Magazine, Black Bride Magazine and was featured on the cover of Cake Central Magazine. In addition, she has competed on Food Network's Cake Wars.